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Go Green Hot Melt Crack Sealant

Advantages: Economical and practical, high quality and low price, high cost performance; Adapt to temperature -30℃ to 60℃, no flow at high temperature, no sticking to wheels, no brittleness at low temperature; It has extremely strong adhesion, guarantees good adhesion to the road contact surface. Good elasticity, large amount of stretch, can withstand large displacement. Excellent construction performance, after the material is heated, the viscosity is small, and the pouring is dense;

Go Green Sand Mix Driveway Sealer

Go Green Sand Mix Driveway Sealer a new type of high performance dual-mode emulsified asphalt with super black anti-skid aggregate, it has the features of rapid demulsification and high wear resistance, simple manual work to repair the aged asphalt pavement, and prolong road service life, it's a cost-effective preventive maintenance material for highways, municipal roads, airports, bridges etc. Please warmly welcome to contact us for any interest and questions.

Go Green Color Polymer Slurry Mixture

Color polymer slurry mixture is suitable for non-motorized vehicle lanes with irregular areas, steep road bends and frequent multi-color changes, such as sidewalks, boulevards, bicycle paths in commerical areas, school playgrounds, park tracks etc.

Go Green Road Repair Tape

Go Green road repair tape is a quick pavement repairing material for solving pavement cracks and repair pockmarked road. The main material is high polymer modified asphalt, and the particles are fired from basalt with a certain gradation. The construction process of Go Green road repair tape is very simple, no heating, eco-friendly construction, no dust, smoke and other harmful substances are discharged. Features: 1. Fast construction 2. Sealing and waterproofing 3. Low noise and anti-skid 4. Quickly open to traffic 5. Cost

EZRoad Versatile Asphalt Additive

EZRoad versatile asphalt additive has the functions of asphalt high-viscosity agent, anti-rutting agent, anti-stripping agent, asphalt toughening agent, high-modulus modifier, etc., and even its various properties are better than the modifiers on the market. At the same time, the direct injection method of EZRoad versatile asphalt additive simplifies production, makes it easier to use, and greatly improves production efficiency and process reliability.

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