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Stamp Concrete Construction

Go Green provide raw materials and technical service to guide you on the stamp concrete construction. 1. Color hardener enhance the concrete strength, change the concrete structure and color. 2. Coloring mold release powder play the effect of mold release. 3. Embossing mold, DIY your liked flooring decorative design. 4. Sealing protectant increase the strength and color protection of the surface. More information, please welcome to contact us at

Color Non-Slip Pavement

Polyurethane adhesive + colored ceramic particles to create 3-5mm anti-slip colored pavement, applicable for sidewalks, square, bicycle lane, landscape road, scenic area, non-motor vehicle lane, bus stop, bus & BRT lane, highway, tunnel extrance, toll station, curves, ramps, speed bumps, etc.

Color Asphalt Sealer Coating Project Demo

Go Green color asphalt sealer coating directly spray on the traditional black asphalt road to change beautiful colors or spray on the color asphalt road to improve the color brightness and prolong the road service time., dosage only 0.3-0.5kg/m2.

Cold Mix Color Asphalt

Go Green Micro-Paving cold mix colored asphalt is new patented high technology product. It is a durable, weather resistant colored asphalt mixture. use eco-friendly cold mix technology + ultra thin paving. Its suitable for landscaping paving and bus lane, bicycle path as well as driveway paving, paving thickness is only 1.0-1.5cm, which greatly reduced the material cost.

Color Ceramic Anti-skid Pavement

Go Green Color Antiskid Pavement (Color Ceramic particle anti-slip pavement) is a combination of two-component polyimide resin adhesive and ceramic aggregates of various specifications, colors and sizes...

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