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How to choose the suitable additive for your asphalt roads?

1. Heavy traffic

2. Roads with heavy loads

3. Highways, intersections, airport runways, municipal roads and other important

road sections

4. Long, steep-slope roads in mountainous and hilly areas with many sharp bends

Ideal Solution: Anti-Rutting Asphalt Additive

Choose Suitable Additive

1. Need to improve water damage resistance of asphalt pavements

2. Need to improve the adhesion between asphalt and stone to 4~5 grades

3. New high-grade asphalt concrete pavement, asphalt concrete composite


4. Refurbishment of old asphalt pavements and other construction works

using high-quality asphalt

Ideal Solution:Anti-Stripping Asphalt Additive

Choose Suitable Additive

1. Applied to improve the performance of asphalt at intersections and

heavyduty traffic roads

2. Overload compressive pavement in factories, mines, ports and logistics parks

3. Dry on-site modification of high viscosity asphalt required for drainage

pavement, large pore pavement etc

4. On-site modification as dry SBS and direct injection modifier

5. Adding to the colored asphalt pavement to improve the durability of the


6. As a core modified material for export, to solve the problem of lack of modified asphalt supporting equipment and industrial chain in overseas markets

7. Various scenarios that need to improve asphalt high temperature,

low temperature and fatigue performance in multiple directions at the same time

Ideal Solution:EZRoad Versatile Asphalt Additive

Choose Suitable Additive

  1. Used for asphalt prime coat, bonding layer, tack coat, slurry seal etc applications We can adjust formula according to client's specific requirement

Ideal Solution:Asphalt Emulsifier

Choose Suitable Additive
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