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What kind of color pavement effect you want to achieve?

Clear bitumen + pigment + aggregates, suitable for color asphalt producer.

1. Require paving thickness 3-5cm

2. Spray tar coat firstly, then pave color asphalt on concrete

Ideal Solution: Colorless Asphalt Binder

Pave Color Asphalt on Concrete

Polyurethane glue + ceramic aggregates to create the anti-skid pavement.

1. Require paving thickness 3-5mm

2. Ceramic particle + polyurethane resin structure

Ideal Solution Color Anti-Skid Pavement

Pave Color Asphalt on Concrete

1. Non-motorized lanes with irregular areas, steep road bends, and frequent

multi-color changes, such as sidewalks, boulevards, business district bicycle path

school playgrounds, park tracks etc.

2. Thickness 2-3mm.

3. Manual paving, the construction is simple and easy to operate.

4. The product has strong flexibility and better bonding effect with asphalt


5. Long service life.

6. Both asphalt and concrete pavement can be constructed.

7. Bright and lasting color

Ideal Solution: Color Polymer Slurry Mixture

Pave Color Asphalt on Concrete

  1. Beautification and lighting of expressways, tourist roads, sport event roads

    speical lanes, warning and inducing traffic

  2. It can protect the original road surface and prolong the service life.

  3. Thickness is 4-8mm.

  4. The composite aggregate has good wear resistance, not easy to wear.

  5. Cold mix cold paving, environmental protection construction.

  6. Construction is convenient and fast.

  7. Bright and long lasting colors.


Ideal Solution: Color Emulsified Micro-surfacing

Pave Color Asphalt on Concrete


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