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Go Green APS is a ready to use material. It can be applied to asphalt surfaces in one single coat only by means of spraying, sweeping or brushing. For large-scale applications, such as asphalt highways, it is recommended to spray the product using a heavy-duty commercial sprayer. 


It is recommended to apply Go Green APS at an average rate of 0.2 to 0.4 liter/ m² in one application only.

Step 1:

Clean The Debris of the road, cover the original pavement white line.

Surface must be clean and sound prior to applying the product.

Cleaning will open the surface pores and capillaries in order to enhance the penetration process. Compressed air or heavy duty mechanical brushing can be used to remove dust and loose particles from the surface.


Step 2:

To fill up cracks by Go Green APS, repair the pothole or damaged area by Go Green cold mix asphalt.

For cracks as low as 3mm in width, mix 1 volume of Go Green APS with 3 volumes of fine sand and pour into opened and pre-cleaned crack.


Step 3: Spray the asphalt sealer by a spraying vehicle.

Step 4: Remedial Spraying for small area.

Step 5: Open to traffic with 2 hours.

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