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Go Green Color Asphalt Project Album

July 2022

Go Green have done lots of colored asphalt projects for landscape, urban greenway, bicycle lane, sidewalk, garden etc asphalt roads, colors are very bright and beautiful.

The main materials are special synthethic colorless asphalt binder, also named clear binder, decoloring bitumen, as the binder didn't include black bitumen, so after adding the color asphalt pigment, it can maintain the pigment itself good color, the come out finished materials color is very bright and beautiful.

Hot mix color asphalt can be widely paved on existing asphalt and concrete pavement, paving thickness is 3~5cm, accept traffic within 2-3 hours, it's the most popular and common used color pavement materials.

Go Green provide high-quality raw materials and technical support for colored asphalt to road contractors all over the world, should you have any interest, warmly welcome to contact us.

Go Green Color Asphalt Project Album

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